DDC Pencil - Orange by Draplin Design Co.

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DDC Pencil - Orange

by Draplin Design Co.

£ 3.00

A classic DDC pencil with black No. 2 lead and eraser on the end in a 'Factory Floor Orange' finish.

  • This is a DDC Pencil - Orange
  • It costs £ 3.00
    DDC Pencil - Orange

    Aaron Draplin. The all-American legend of graphic design and thick lines. A one-man army that has created more beautiful logos, prints, posters & products than you can shake a stick at. The Draplin Design Co is his unique brand of bold colour, no-nonsense typography and no-holds-barred humour. We're very proud to call him a 'strange friend'.

    • No. 2 Black lead
    • Eraser-tipped
    • 'Factory Floor' colour
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