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Do Story

by Do Book Co.

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Bobette Buster is a story consultant, lecturer and screenwriter who works with the major studios and in top film programs all over the world.

In this, her first book, she shares the tools and principles used by some of the world’s best storytellers and helps you apply them to your own.

Find out how to source, structure & shape your story and why forming an emotional connection with your audience can take a story from good to great.

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    Do Story

    Bobette Buster grew up in Kentucky, in a region renowned for its great storytellers. As a student she produced an oral history of the area that is now archived at the Kentucky Museum. She then moved on to Hollywood to learn the business of script development, and now writes, produces and lectures at the major studios including Disney, Pixar and Twentieth Century Fox, and in top film programs all over the globe.

    The Do Book Company is an independent publishing house based in Shoreditch, London. We produce a series of inspirational pocket guidebooks in print and digital formats.

    Our books are written by speakers from the Do Lectures whose ideas have inspired others to go and Do. Our aim is to recreate that same positive change in book form – whether that’s the mastery of a new skill or craft, a simple mindshift, or a shot of inspiration to help you get started.

    • 120x178mm
    • All editions contain 11 line drawings by Millie Marotta.
    • Paperback
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