Fortune Teller Pin by Bee Teeth

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Fortune Teller Pin

by Bee Teeth

£ 7.00

A soft enamel pin with dark green, red, black and antique gold detail.

Approximately 35mm x 23mm with a custom engraved back and rubber clasp 

  • This is a Fortune Teller Pin
  • It costs £ 7.00
    Fortune Teller Pin

    Illustrator, painter and designer Dan Christofferson is the genius behind Bee Teeth. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dan makes each product by hand and works in low quantities, showing the minor imperfections and charm of his "process". Dan designs and uses cryptic symbols from early Utah and Mormon history to illustrate stories of exile, industry, and the parched, sunburnt west.

    • Comes on a gold foil stamped 'Beeteeth Token' card
    • Approx. 35mm x 23mm
    • Ideal for your jacket or bag
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