Grey Arc Necklace - Black Cord by Beth Lamont

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Grey Arc Necklace - Black Cord

by Beth Lamont

£ 45.00

A simple and striking necklace made in parian ceramic clay that is super smooth to the touch, with a subtle matching cord in rich black.

The knot is adjustable by pulling on one side of the cord. This enables the necklace to be taken on and off easily and adjustable to any outfit neckline height.

Beth makes each piece by hand, therefore there may be very slight differences in each necklace. This is a bit of an unavoidable quirk of ceramics, but it’s the beauty of knowing it’s made by hand and not a machine! Colours can vary slightly depending on the screen setting on your computer.

  • This is a Grey Arc Necklace - Black Cord
  • It costs £ 45.00
    Grey Arc Necklace - Black Cord

    Beth Lamont is a ceramic jewellery and accessories Designer/Maker who is inspired by the clean form and feel of ceramics. She uses a parian porcelain ceramic material in a slip casting process creating shapes from hand carved forms. Each piece is handmade by Beth in her studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Her worn jewellery collections bring striking simplicity to an outfit, with little splashes of colour added through rope or glazing. She designs jewellery collections with the intension of creating pieces that stand out and make a statement about the wearer and their individual style.

    • Adjustable length
    • Super smooth to touch
    • Each necklace comes in a STRANGE jewellery box
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