Orange Five Dot Pin Studs by Emily Kidson

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Orange Five Dot Pin Studs

by Emily Kidson

£ 70.00

Striking studs in a bright orange Formica with oxidised silver dot details.

Oxidised silver posts and scrolls

  • This is a Orange Five Dot Pin Studs
  • It costs £ 70.00
    Orange Five Dot Pin Studs

    Emily is an award-winning contemporary jeweller who combines a minimal aesthetic with splashes of colour and clusters of detail. Emily makes each piece by hand in her South London studio, using traditionally jewellery techniques including piercing, riveting, granulation and burnishing. Chemically bonding the laminate sheet to wood, then leaving it to dry overnight, Emily hand cuts each piece before sanding and waxing it for a beautifully smooth finish.

    Inspired by repetition and small details in the everyday (from spots on the pavement to stripy steps at a railway station), Emily uses a sketchbook to draw initial designs, shapes and compositions. These then develop further as she works intuitively with the materials – it is often the process of making that inspires her.

    • Size: approx. 22mm (L) x 18mm (W) x 6mm (D) not including post
    • Light grey Formica on the reverse of the circles.
    • This piece comes in a STRANGE jewellery
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