Hembury Chair by Solid Wool

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Hembury Chair

by Solid Wool

£ 395.00

Designed for both comfort and style, the Hembury Chair is made with beautiful Solidwool to bring some natural wildness into your home or creative space.

Solidwool is a unique combination of sheep's wool with bio-resin to make a stunning and sustainable material.

Inspired by the Eames Plastic Side Chair, originally manufactured using Fibreglass in the 50s, this design classic is re-imagined with the unique material.

The seat is made from Solidwool, the legs made from UK-sourced ash and the frame is black power-coated steel.

Each chair is made to order and takes around 2-3 weeks

  • This is a Hembury Chair
  • It costs £ 395.00
    Hembury Chair

    Solidwool is a unique, composite material. A new way of working with wool. You could say it's like fibreglass, but with wool as the reinforcement instead of glass.

    The wool, from Herdwick sheep in the Lake District, is used as the reinforcement and bio-resins as the binder.

    • Frame: Solidwool
    • Legs: Ash
    • Frame: Steel 
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